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BEFORE YOU ORDER. Ursack provides two levels of protection. The first level, Ursack without an aluminum liner, keeps bears wild by protecting them from getting your food. Your food might get crushed, punctured, or slobbered on, but the bears won't get it. The second level, Ursack with an optional aluminum liner--the Hybrid, protects your food from being mutilated. The Hybrid weighs more. You choose which is more important: less weight or more protection. Each wilderness area has its own food storage policy. Ursack is not universally accepted. Please check regulations first.

UrsackAllWhite2shot.jpg Ursack S29 AllWhite

Introduced in 2009, the Ursack S29 AllWhite is made of "bullet proof" Spectra fabric and comes with an integrated six foot, 2,500 pound tensile strength cord. The AllWhite weighs 7.3 ounces. It is about 8 inches in diameter, 13 inches tall and holds about 650 cubic inches. The S29 AllWhite comes with one free odor barrier bag (OPSak) designed to always be used inside the S29 AllWhite. The threads used in the seams were improved starting April 2013. Ursack is bear and critter resistant. Pictured here with and without optional aluminum liner. Ursack is not approved for use in Yosemite N.P. or in three areas of Sequoia-Kings Canyon N.P.  It is allowed in Inyo National Forest and the rest of the Sierra.  Other areas in North America may have restrictions--check first.

UrsackMinorKevSteel250X333.jpg Ursack Minor

For critters--not bears. The Ursack Minor is made of a fabric woven from Kevlar "bullet proof" fiber and stainless steel. The highly cut resistant weave prevents sharp toothed critters from getting your food. Ursack Minor will NOT protect against the strength of a bear. The Minor weighs about 5.28 ounces, and is 8 inches in diameter, 13 inches tall and holds about 650 cubic inches. It comes with an integrated 4 foot cord, but does NOT come with a free odor barrier bag. Pictured here with and without optional aluminum liner.

img_alum_lg.jpg Ursack Aluminum Liner

Adds crush resistance to all standard size Ursacks.
Aircraft aluminum liner fits all standard size 650 cu. in. Ursacks. When this 10.8 ounce liner is added to the Ursack S29 AllWhite it becomes a Hybrid bear canister with a total weight of 1 pound 2.1 ounces. That's well under half the weight of similarly priced hard-sided canisters.The aluminum liner makes Ursack even more bear resistant plus it provides protection against ravens and sharp toothed rodents. Highly recommended for camping in bear infested areas such as those over populated campsites close to trailheads.

OPSAKPAKNoLogoHighRes.jpg OPSak--Odor Barrier Bag--3 pack
This 12 X 20 sealable plastic bag is made from special film that is 17,000 times more odor resistant than HDPE. When used properly, the OPSak is 100% water and air tight. Each bag in the 3 pack weighs about 1 ounce. Use with Ursack to keep bears and other critters from smelling your food.
aLOKSAKMULTI-PAKHighResNoLogo.jpg Aloksak

Waterproof and dust proof storage. Not odor proof, but very robust and perfect for protecting cell phones and other items you want to keep clean and dry. 4 bag variety pack.

travis midair edited.jpg Very Special Trail Mix

CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING THE OLYMPIC TEAM, TRAVIS. Help an Olympian, do good, eat well. Travis Ganong is our neighbor at Alpine Meadows. He represents the U.S. in downhill and Super G. This trail mix is a product of PHGB (PlayHardGiveBack) which donates part of each sale to help the athlete and his favorite non-profit. Travis's Ginger Spice trail mix has it all: fruit, seeds, nuts and chocolate along with dried ginger (sweet and spicy) and hemp seeds (a miracle food which contains all nine essential amino acids). Part of the proceeds go to The Shane McConkey Foundation, which was created to honor Shane's legacy and to inspire positive change in the adventure community. For every sale, PHGB donates a percentage of the profit to the Shane McConkey Foundation, which supports the organization's good work. PHGB also gives an equal percentage to Travis, money that helps further his career on the U.S. Ski Team. Weighs about 5 ounces.