Product Description

Waterproof and dust proof storage bag–new double zipper design. 4 bag variety pack.

Electronics and personal items are damaged from exposure to the environment. aLOKSAK is the only re-sealable, flexible storage bag offering protection from the elements. The multi-patented, light-weight, and hermetically sealed storage system prevents air, humidity, water, dust and sand and snow from harming your valuables. You can actually use many touch screen devices for most operations while Aloksak is sealed, and, of course, store maps, books or wallets. Lightweight and disposable–it can be used multiple times.

Not odor proof. 4 bag selection in the following sizes: 4 X 7, 6 X 6, 9 X 6, 12 X 12.

The bags are considered disposable and will need to be replaced after extended use.  The body of the bag will far out last the closure.  The closure is a lighter weight material in order to insure pliability to create 100% contact throughout the closure.  The body of the bag is a durable film that will far outlast the closure. The manufacturer of Loksak has to see any bag that a customer claims was defective at the time of purchase. They will only consider reviewing a bag within 30 days of purchase and the bag must be accompanied with a paid invoice/ receipt.



Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 14.7 × 5.9 × .5 in