Ursack Major XL


·       Certified Bear Resistant
·       Material:  UHMWP
·       Weight:  8.8 oz
·       Capacity:  about 15 Liters  (approx. 7+ days of food for 1 person)
·       Flexible
·       Cord:  6 foot–high tensile strength
·       Recommend:  Odor Barrier Bag  (OP Sak 12 x 20)

The Ursack MAJOR XL (IGBC cert. no. 3738) is the larger version of our classic Major (formerly S29.3 AllWhite). The Major XL holds about 50% more food than its smaller sibling and weighs 8.8 ounces. Otherwise it is identical, and it is, except for color, identical to the AllWhite Major XL (no longer offered).   The Major XL is made of ultra high-performance UHMWP fabric and is designed to prevent bears from getting your food in their territory. It comes with an integrated six foot, 2,500 pound tensile strength cord. It is about 24 inches in circumference (<8″ dia.), 18.5 inches tall and holds about 925 cubic inches (15 Liters). The Major XL does not come with an odor barrier bag (OPSak) or an aluminum liner–neither of which are made to precisely fit the Major XL.  One OpSak will work if not overstuffed, otherwise use two. They must be purchased separately in 2 packs. We highly recommend OPSak, which is designed to always be used inside Ursack. Without the optional 12″ tall aluminum liner, your food may be crushed, ripped or punctured. Or, it may not–see: Bear in Camp: How Did the Ursack Perform? While the Major XL is critter resistant, it is less so than the AllMitey and the Ursack Minor. See FAQs. The newest version (which is the only version we sell) of the Major XL made since about April 1, 2015, has a tighter weave and more than double the tear strength of previous models.  The Major XL is pictured here next to our standard size Ursack Major. The Major XL with improved Spectra seams (beginning April 2014) passed the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee test and was placed on its bear-resistant products list on July 31, 2014. That list is the one relied on by many, but not all, wilderness agencies, and restrictions may still apply–check first. See FAQs.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. We will replace, or refund the cost of, any properly used Ursack Major XL in which a gap, tear or hole larger than 1/4 inch is caused by a bear. This 1/4 inch standard is the criteria used in the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee’s test protocol. We ask that customers return any damaged Ursack to us for inspection. For more information about the risk from raccoons and other critters, see FAQs.

Note: Due to the difficulty in weaving high tech UHMWP, our supplier is not always able to deliver pristine black fabric (the only color available). Your Ursack may arrive with minor cosmetic blemishes. You won’t see these once you have used Ursack in the wilderness, and these in no way compromise the performance of the product.  Some units may have different color thread or rope than those pictured.

Some areas require hard sided canisters. Check first.

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Weight .56 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12.8 × .6 in