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While waiting for the “as soon as possible” review from Yosemite/Seki, take a look at our new dog toy

By June 26, 2017Uncategorized

Here is something to chew on while we continue to wait for Yosemite and SEKI to review the AllMitey.

We recently introduced Grrrsack, the world’s toughest dog squeaky toy–made of the same fabric as the AllMitey. Here’s a comment from a customer:


I just wanted to let you know my initial impressions of the Grrrsack. Max has never had a toy other than  Kong toys last more than a couple hours (this may sound crazy but he has eaten or destroyed everything in hours). I gave him the Grrrsack last evening and at first he was not sure what to do with it, I think he thought it was something he should not chew on. After an hour or so he would not put it down. Carrying it everywhere, sleeping with it, even and this is the oddest thing going to the bathroom with it in his mouth. The only time he has put it down was when he eats or I take it from him. All this to say is after 24 hours of playing there is only one small hole [Note: dogs have much sharper teeth than bears]. Between the way it has lasted and how happy it has made him I am completely satisfied with your product.
Thank you,